Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Only Smarties have the answer?

I was once challenged by an 11 year old to base my next assembly talk in his school on his favourite sweets.

This is what I came up with. I have used it in a couple of schools, and every time it has gone down a treat. Kids love it because the teachers are against the pupils, and no matter what the kids always win. Nothing beats a bit of healthy competition!

"Today I have decided to find out something that I have wanted to know for ages. I want to know what the best football team is. (allow responses) Ok, we seem to be undecided, I wonder if we can agree on the best pop band, who is the best singer or band? (Allow responses) There seems to be a lot of good pop bands and football teams out there, we just can’t decide. But today I have a question that we will be able to answer today, who can tell me who is better; Pupils or teachers? (allow response) Ok well today I have come up with a test which will let us know who is better. I need 3 people. (let them come up to the front) Now which teacher would you like to challenge you? (let the children respond.)

Ok well all I am going to do is ask you a question and you have to answer it. But some of the questions are a bit difficult, so I have some tubes of Smarties to help the pupils (hand them over to the children) and I have a glossy magazine/ newspaper for the teacher.

(Have the answers printed and stuck onto the Smarties tubes- help the children set them out on the table, and point out to them that you have the answers on them. Older kids will pick up on the joke so best to pick 8year olds +)

Top Tip: Ask 5 questions (let the teacher answer first) Make the questions specific, so that it makes it harder for the teacher to get it right. For Example: A teacher probably knows the answer to “What age are Jedward?” But wouldn’t know “What date is Jedward’s birthday”

These are the questions I normally go for, but pick your own to fit your context:

1. What date is Jedward’s birthday? (16th March)

2. What colour is the “L” in the Google logo? (green)

3. What colour is my car? (white)

4. What was the bestselling pre-school toy in 2010? (Peppa Pig Rocket)

5. What is the most popular dog name? (Max)

The aim of the whole thing is for the children to get all the answers correct, and for the teacher to get none of the right. (Most teachers will catch on to what you are trying to do and will play along and come up with silly answers.)

Thank both the teacher and children and let them sit down (I find getting them to applaud as the children walk down helps the children to focus as there excitement id being channelled out through the clapping.) than teachers. Smarties obviously make people really smart….Can anyone tell me what Smarties motto is?

(ask a teacher as some children might be too young to know this).

Smarties motto is “Only Smarties have the answer.” And I have a confession to make, all the answers to my quiz were hidden on the Smarties tubes. So for my quiz, you would only have known what the answers were if you were the team with the Smarties as “Only Smarties had the answer”

In life we might have some questions that we do not know the answer to. Maybe you are feeling really lonely, and want to know if someone cares about you. Or maybe you want to know how the world began.

There is something that we have that has all the answers to these questions. It’s not Smarties, it’s the Bible. The Bible has all the answers to the questions about life we want to ask. The Bible tells us about a God who created us, and loves us very much.

Smarties may claim to have all the answers. We know that the Bible is the only thing that has all the answers!