Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Coca-Cola and Jesus

This is an object talk I would usually do in school assemblies. It works best with Primary Schools but I have done it in Secondary Schools and it was very well received. NB: If you are planning on doing this talk in a school, please check if they have a “water only policy”- or else use teachers for volunteers.

Overall this is a very easy and cheap talk, which requires very little preparation. Perfect for all busy youth workers and volunteers!

Please Note: I have adapted this talk to suit my context from “youth alpha”. If you would like to see the original talk it can be found in the teaching resource book under “How can I have faith?”

Items needed: 3 different brands of coke (one being Coca-Cola), 3 cups (labelled 1,2,3), 1 cup water, banner with Coca-Cola’s symbol and motto (optional).

(Before the children arrive, pour a small amount of each “coke” into 3 separate glasses- make sure you remember which one is coca cola though!)

Today I am going to talk to you about something I love, and I am sure some of you do too! I wonder if any of you can guess what it is?

I will give you all some facts about it, and when you think you know what it is, put your hand up.

· It has been in business for 124 years.

· It is sold in 200 countries.

· Santa likes it so much that he changed his suit from green to red to match the branding.

· It is the best-selling soft drink of all time.

(Take guesses as and when young people stick their hands up.)

Yes Coke, who here likes having a glass of Coke? (Allow response)

Why is Coke so nice? (Allow response)

Yes, the taste! In my opinion Coke has the nicest taste out of all the cola drinks on sale in the supermarket.

Today I have brought 3 varieties with me, I have Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Tesco Cola (or whatever you can get your hands on- Tesco is my local supermarket.)

Who thinks they could tell the difference between my 3 brands and pick out “Coca Cola”? (Pick 2 volunteers).

The first volunteer is going to smell the samples and try and tell the difference. (Allow volunteer to smell and guess)

The second volunteer is going to taste the samples and try and tell the difference. (Allow volunteer to taste and guess. TOP TIP: it is easier for the volunteer to guess if they are able to drink water between samples, it helps to neutralise their palettes.)

Brilliant, thank you; you successfully guessed which one was Coca Cola- give my volunteers a round of applause.

So now I am going to ask the teachers a question, can any of you tell me what Coca-Cola’s motto is? (Allow teachers to guess)There are loads of difference slogans for Coca-Cola, but only one motto. Their motto is “It’s the real thing”

This reminds us of our God, just like Coca-Cola, He is also the “Real Thing,” He is living today, and He wants to help us. And just like (insert volunteer 1 name) couldn’t what was Coca-Cola and what was not; we won’t know what He is like unless we “taste Him”, or find out more about Him.

We can find out about God by going to places like Sunday school, G.B, B.B, Scouts, Guides, Youth Club (etc)

Once you experience God and find out what He is like, you will realise that he is also “The Real Thing.”

Close in Prayer

Thank you for listening so well.

as always if you have any questions/comments/queries please feel free to comment below.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Jaffa Cakes and Jesus

This is a really fun object lesson that I have used for primary school assemblies. The only thing you need is Jaffa Cakes (I usually buy enough for the entire assembly so every child gets a souvenir). NB: I also bring 4 teeshirts with the letters J A F F A written on them and get the children to put them on....if you live near me and want to borrow them let me know.

Who here likes biscuits? (allow the children to respond)
Whao you have said some of my favourite too! But I wonder if you can guess what biscuit I am going to talk about today?
My biscuit begins with the letter "J" who would like to put this tee-shirt on? (allow child to come up and put it on).
Who would like to put on the next tee-shirt? (let a child come up and put the "A" on)
Pick two more children and then ask the group what it says on the tee-shirts.

Yes Jaffa Cakes! I love Jaffa Cakes, does anyone here like Jaffa Cakes? (allow children to respond)
Depending on how long you have allocated, you could ask them how they eat their Jaffa Cakes (picking the chocolate off, full moon/half moon etc...)

Another reason why I love Jaffa Cakes is because they have a secret message hidden in them. You see each letter stands for a word. (get the children with tee-shirts turn around to reveal the words "JESUS A FRIEND FOR ALL").

JAFFA stands for Jesus A Friend For All.
Can we all say it together (allow response- again with time permitting you could get them to shout it, whisper it etc.)

Yes- Jesus is our friend. He loves us and wants to help us. He doesn't care what we look like, if we are really tall or small. He is a friend for everyone, and he can help us when we are having a bad day, as he loves us very much- all we have to do is pray and ask him to help us. So remember whenever you feel lonely or sad- remember "Jesus is A Friend For All."

Close in prayer if your school allows you.

questions/comments/queries leave me a message!